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Four weeks of nodding off in lectures give way to the rowdy shenanigans of a field trip as your Botany 101 class arrives at Dr. Muscipula’s laboratory. The ethically questionable doctor, known best for his alterations to plant DNA, is continuing to yield some rather carnivorous results in spite of numerous warnings from fellow scientists. Once inside the lab, formalities fall away as Dr. Muscipula locks the doors and rings a bell to summon his vicious plants to their dinner: you. However, firmly believing in the survival of the fittest, the doctor is allowing you 60 minutes to escape before serving you to his life’s work.


Huzzah! It's happy hour at The Frosted Flagon as you and your guild scramble inside to escape the Wasteland's bitter cold. Celebrating yet another successful day of dungeon clearing, you order a round of mead and begin to tell the barkeep of how you bested the Lich King in an arm wrestling match. Halfway through your deeply embellished story, the tavern's doors burst open to reveal the immortal necromancer, Grimsbane. Quick to act, the barkeep casts a paralysis spell onto the intruder, but it won't hold him for long. 60 minutes is all the time you and your guild have to defeat the immortal Grimsbane before he unleashes his dark magic upon you.






What is an escape game?

An escape game is a physical adventure in which players must work together to solve puzzles and achieve goals to escape a room within a set amount of time. These games are perfect for families, friends, and corporate groups looking to have fun and grow as a team.


Why are all bookings private?

All of our bookings are private to ensure that you and your team are the only ones going up against the clock in the room of your choosing at your selected start time. This means that you can enjoy the game with your friends or significant other without having to worry about a random guy who forgot to wear deodorant killing the vibe; Date night is saved.


Will my team and I be able to split the cost?

Groups of two or more may book a session with the minimum player requirement selected then pay individually for any added players at our location. If you prefer to split up costs further, we recommend using a money transfer app or website.


Will the experience scare me?

No. Our escape games aren't intended to be frightening and don't include any jump scares. And while the door does shut upon entering the room, it won't be locked. If at any time you feel as though you've stumbled into a Saw movie and wish for us to end the game, we're only a scream away. 


What is the age restriction?

There is no age restriction. However, we recommend against bringing babies as they could potentially make focusing on the game difficult. For teams with several young participants, an adult must be present for every two players under the age of 13. We also ask that any player under the age of 16 be accompanied by an adult.


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